Conversations with Jim Humble Conversations with Jim Humble (DVD

Conversations with Jim Humble Conversations with Jim Humble (DVD

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Understanding MMS:
Conversations with Jim Humble (DVD) inkl. Free Shipping

ISBN: 0-9787991-5-1                                     
DURATION: 1 hr 45 min.

A feature-length documentary on the origin, science, and proper use of the Jim Humble MMS protocol to disinfect the waters of the human body with chlorine dioxide.  Produced and directed by Adam Abraham.

The MMS story is history in the making. And right now, it's in your hands. Get informed and help others be informed!

It's been 10 years since Jim Humble originally discovered, that chlorine dioxide could safely and effectively be used to conquer the malaria parasite. Since that time, the proof was dramatically revealed; first with a few men in the rain forest of Guyana, then with over 75,000 men and women in Africa who gained a reprieve while at death's door. The protocol he dubbed "MMS" has indeed showed itself to be an effective life saver.

That's the beginnings, but what about now?

Given the many common elements that a wide range of diseases share, including diabetes, stroke, cancer, AIDS, flu, and the common cold, the implications of MMS on the human health condition are meaningful to you and me today, and into the future. It's not the solution, but it is proving itself to be a viable and significant one that will if known and used intelligently. That is, if the integrity of its story remains entact... and truth is not tainted by misinformation.

These factors are of utmost importance right now.

As more people discover, use, and benefit from chlorine dioxide via the "MMS" protocol, it is critically important that a factual, very specific visual and audio record be produced and available before mass media gets wind of it.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, mass media outlets will most likely tell only part of the story, and from a perspective that causes doubts by raising questions that have already been answered. What they don't tell you can sometimes be more important than what they do. Doubt can be needlessly, and irresponsibly cast in an attempt to bolster our waning faith in toxic therapies and medical approaches.

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